Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Choosing Kindness"

A friend of mine did a youtube vlog about this topic and I have a few things to add myself.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Packing sucks for many reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is suddenly you realize you should dust more often.  So as you are trying to pack, you start trying to dust, and this ends in nothing but disaster (and a headache to boot).  I can feel the dust clinging to my hands and face, feel it burning in my nose.  Not to count I am sure most of the dust is landing right in the boxes of books I just cleaned to pack!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Big Day

January 1st is my last day at my cake decorating job.  January 2nd is the day we move to Sewickley/Wexford.  I am so excited.  This is a whole new start for me.  I will be able to focus a lot more on my writing and wicca with my new job.  So I dunno if I will be posting blogs or vlogs any time soon.  But after the move I will have loads more time on my hands.  I hope at least.  Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Books VS Experience

As a solitary witch, most of my knowledge comes from the pages of books I have managed to collect over the three years I started reading into Wicca.  Since I can remember, I have always been spiritual.  I never doubted that there was something Higher.  Admitting, I wasn't sure of God let alone a Goddess.  I just knew something existed.  I could feel it.

Once I started reading more into Wicca, I felt the pull.  Was there a Goddess as well as a God?  Was that my Higher Power?  I knew not, only that the more I swam in the wiccan sea, the more I wanted to drown in it.  The beauty of it touched me deeper.  The knowledge was there, written in these books, on these pages.  Yet when I reached out, I wasn't sure if I was reaching far enough.

Could the Goddess hear me?  Could the Goddess feel me?

Books brought me this far; I have to walk my path. not read it.  So I took a walk.  I drank the natural world in, and I sipped it like a sweet wine, savoring every taste.  Nature was alive, energized somehow.  I could feel the breath, the heart beat, the growling stomach.  I could feel the wonder, and I wanted to see the Goddess and the God in it.  Show me, I asked the Goddess.  Just a glimpse. 

I looked down, and there at my feet was a feather, a dark tan with two dark brown dots decorating the fine piece of work.  It was beautiful, and it was from the Goddess.  She was watching, showing me I was on the right path!

That was a year ago I found the feather.  And since then, I know I am on the right path.  I still read my books, the knowledge printed there from countless authors guiding me, empowering me.  Sometimes I still long for that teacher that I might have connected with had I sought a coven.  But either way, I still have my Goddess, and she still has me.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I don't always have the time to sit down and do a video for youtube.  Sadly, I think I may have to resort to blogging.  I like video blogging (or vlogging) better than just writing words out, but with so little time, sacrifices must be made I guess. 

(My youtube account is dangerousangels7.)

I only have a few videos up, but just for browsing them and the videos I typically watch, you gain the knowledge that I am a wiccan/witch on a spiritual path.  I have always been spiritual, but never really sought any path. I am trying to learn as much about Wicca as I can. This involves a lot of reading which my friends and family thinks is weird. I have my own personal library, again, which they view as weird. I would absolutely love to learn more about how others practice.

That was originally why I joined YouTube.  I have met many awesome and talented people on there that have touched my life.  I am extremely happy to have met such people.  However, I am not as active on youtube (as stated before), and I wish for them to learn more about me as I have learned about them. 

I try to live each and every day like there might not be a tomorrow. I can be down to earth, though I can goof off just like any other. I'm just like any other woman- I can PMS, bitch, and complain. But my goal is to make others smile and laugh whenever I can.