Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I don't always have the time to sit down and do a video for youtube.  Sadly, I think I may have to resort to blogging.  I like video blogging (or vlogging) better than just writing words out, but with so little time, sacrifices must be made I guess. 

(My youtube account is dangerousangels7.)

I only have a few videos up, but just for browsing them and the videos I typically watch, you gain the knowledge that I am a wiccan/witch on a spiritual path.  I have always been spiritual, but never really sought any path. I am trying to learn as much about Wicca as I can. This involves a lot of reading which my friends and family thinks is weird. I have my own personal library, again, which they view as weird. I would absolutely love to learn more about how others practice.

That was originally why I joined YouTube.  I have met many awesome and talented people on there that have touched my life.  I am extremely happy to have met such people.  However, I am not as active on youtube (as stated before), and I wish for them to learn more about me as I have learned about them. 

I try to live each and every day like there might not be a tomorrow. I can be down to earth, though I can goof off just like any other. I'm just like any other woman- I can PMS, bitch, and complain. But my goal is to make others smile and laugh whenever I can.