Sunday, October 16, 2011

Does NO ONE else do the dishes around here?!

It is unimaginably hard trying to get someone to do the dishes around here.  It's ridiculous.

Of course it isn't easy to find someone to do the dishes since it is only three of us living here.  Before anyone tells me to do them let me state that I most often do.  But I do live with two other people, and I get these weird ideas that this should be shared and not all on my shoulders.  It isn't even like they need hand washed- we have a dishwasher!  And yet the dishes will sit in the sink day after day until they start to stink which is normally when I give in and do them anyway.  Again.

And by then I have already screwed myself over because I always forget my roomies suck a properly rising dishes off so they have dried caked on sauce and milk glasses that weren't rinsed out.  Or ice cream bowls that sat around upstairs for only-God-knows-how-many night before Pattie gets sick of seeing all of it and brings it down to the sink.

How about "Do these damn dishes you ungrateful brat!"
 Pattie has sworn dirty dishes off.  She down right won't do them.  The whole time we have lived here (since January), she has done them, maybe, a total of ten times.  And she doesn't even try to hide it- she will admit she refuses to do the dishes.  I can understand because she does do other house chores like sweeping and dusting and laundry and tending to the horses and the dogs.  And I know from much experience that after standing at the sink to rinse all the dishes to put them in the dishwasher my back starts to hurt really bad.  She already has chronic back pain from her surgeries, she doesn't need any more of a reason to bitch.

I guess what really gets under my skin is when Rob goes all holier-than-thou and claims he always rinses his dishes off and sticks them right in the dishwasher.  Seriously, no you fucking do not!  And once or twice does not count as 'always' either!  And I know you don't because not even a half an hour ago I reminded you to take your ice cream bowl downstairs and you just went right back to reading the internets. 

How the sink starts out.

Then the sink is full. 

Then the nasty dishes are spilling out from the sink onto the count and omg what is that smell!?

What kills me is how they will sit there for so long that they will actually start having a 'spoiled food' smell to them!  Do my roommates ever go into the kitchen?!  Because if they do I want to know how they cannot smell that ripe-ass rotten-shit smell.  I have even stood next to Pattie and asked her if she smelled it, to which she replied no, and then called her a liar because you couldn't not smell it.   

It smells like something with rabies/mange crawled into our sink to die, died, and has been there since last month!  Which I know to be false since I was the last one to do the dishes.  Now I am wondering if it is the water that we drink but I am sure it isn't because I only smell the smell when there is a sink full of dirty dishes.  But now I am going to drive myself crazy thinking about the water...  Doesn't matter, my medications will need upped if this fiasco continues much longer...

I wish I was joking.  I am crazy now.  I will even accept someone just unloading the dishwasher for me, putting all the dishes away properly, and letting me know so the next load can be done.  But I don't think Rob knows where all the dishes go because he will sometimes leave a couple out on the counter and then it's the guessing game where I sniff and rub my fingers on it trying to see if it is clean or dirty.  

It's like pulling teeth trying to get someone to do the dishes.  And there are times when I ask, and Rob actually agrees to do them, and then after two days of asking I just do them myself.  I can't throw a huge fit though because there are time that I know I need to get the dishes done and I push it off because honestly, who wants to do dishes anyway?

That's what babies are for!

If that's the case then I need to get me one of these!  (Just kidding!)

....though I am getting desperate.... 

-This post is brought to you by 
the plastic spoon I had to eat my cereal with this morning 
because we were out of real spoons.-

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Letter to My Cats

-Seriously need have a sense of humor to read this-

Dear Cats,

First Bear:

You are a very bad cat!  Why must you eat rubber bands and paper towels, steal Rob's toothbrush and Pattie's hair brush, unroll my toilet paper and hid flies in my bed?  It is not funny.  Pattie is threatening to cook you in a nice General Tso's sauce that I won't be able to refuse.  How do you think this makes me feel knowing that her cooking could quite possibly have me eating my own cat?!  Please start behaving like a good cat.


I am onto you.  I know you were the first to hide flies in my bed because it started before Bear was even here.  I must ask you to stop as it is grossing the shit out of me.  Actually avoid my bed altogether since you and Bear don't wipe your paws after using the litter box.  Also, if the litter box is full, I am sorry.  This however does not give you the right to poo right next to said litter box RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  This makes mommy mad and puts you as runner up for the wok. 

Both of you can be extremely insensitive to my sleep.  When I am sleeping I want to sleep.  Stop meowing.  Stop trying to get me to pet you.  Stop covering up your poo, you covered it already.  Stop pawing at the door, I cannot let you out, you have proven that you cannot be trusted in the real world (rest of the house) while I am asleep.  And stop knocking over my lamp on my nightstand.  Stop pushing my water bottle over.  Stop digging in the litter box, you're done.  Stop scratching at the door!  Stop playing with whatever it is you are playing with!  Stop meowing!  Stop eating your kibble so loud!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST STOP! 

There is no need to wake me five minutes earlier than my alarm to remind me that you want your wet food.  There is no reason to trip me on my way to the bathroom.  Or on my way to the kitchen, or on my way back to my room with said wet food.  You tripping me just slows me down and means it takes longer.  And meowing at me isn't going to speed things up.  So keep quiet and out of my way and our morning with go much smoother.

As I am typing this up I see you eyeballing the keyboard with envy.  Do not be envious of this thing.  I assure you that once I am done my attention will then return back to you.  That does not mean you can come over here and walk on my keyboard until I give you attention either.  I cannot afford a new one at the moment, so please stop walking on it! 

If we can work on these problems I am sure you two will be the best house cats ever!

Yours truly,

PS:  What with the puffy tail?  I don't get it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why do I blog?

Originally I started blogging because I was making YouTube videos sharing myself with the world.  Trying to get time to myself to do the videos was tough as I live with two roommates.  I picked up blogging to help me continue sharing 'Me' with the world.  I tried to keep updates flowing each month, but I kind of ran out of things to share.  Seems so simple looking back at it.

When I started videos I did it for the Pagan/Wiccan community.  I am a practicing witch and I wanted to share with like-minded people and show how I am growing with my spirituality.  I've become greedy about this recently and don't want to openly share much of that anymore.

It's MINE and you cannot read it!

No, in all honesty, I'm keeping that close to the vest as of right now because my path that I follow isn't set in stone.  It is constantly changing with me as I learn new things and experience new life-changing moments. 

Then I heavily leaned on it when I started Two Of Us (a dating service) where I would blog about my dates.  You were introduced to Toby, Vince, and Joel (in order of how they appeared in my life).  But since I have changed my profile on the site to "On Hold" since Vince and I are giving it a shot, there really isn't anything else in that department.

This is Vince.  Vince is my Boyfriend.  Vince makes me happy.
I am a writer and I want to write.  So I have been itching to try to figure out what else to blog about.  I am only 22 years old, so I don't have much life experience behind me to share, nor do I have embarrassing stories that I remember.  Well, that last one is kind of a lie, but I have swiss cheese for memory and those will take some time to gather for proper retelling.

So what else is there for me to blog about?!  There has to be something.  I need to write.  So I did a post about my horse Vixen.  That didn't help.  After I did that post I held a grudge against her for a couple of days for no reason at all.  Not that I needed a reason since she would trample me for no reason at all!

I started reading a blog called Mental Poo by the Midget Man of Steel.  Genius.

I read a blog called Hyperbole and a Half by Allie.  Brilliant.

I skipped around reading all these funny posts and started wondering if I could be funny.  (Probably not since Rob tells me I always tell boring stories.)  So I took a page out of Rodney's blog and slacked off by playing in PAINT.  Yay!  Then I followed Allie's lead and wrote a letter to my cats.  The letter to my cats will be my next post.  But I will share with you now an awesome drawing I did in PAINT:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I'm a dull girl

So the other day I had my facebook status as "I fear for myself. I am more jealous that my friend got to sleep in instead of being jealous that she just had loud monkey sex. Seriously, wtf is wrong with me?" which was provoked from the bed pounding against the wall in the room right above me. Unfortunately I am not making this up. The two love birds even freaked my cats out with the noise. So I played some Minecraft videos on a higher volume than normal trying to get my sanity in check.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A year of Lovin'

On September 30, it will have been a full year I have been an owner of Vixen, my quarter horse mare.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a bit of rambling

I wish I could get myself to sit down long enough to spit out a couple blogs during the week.  However recently my time has been dominated by a couple of secret pleasures of mine.

This does not involve anything sexual sadly.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My 3rd and 4th date with Vincent!

I have been busy at the kennel and haven't had the time to sit down and blog.  But I have definitely had time to sit down and have dinner with Vince, lol.  The 3rd date went well, we planned to go to Uno but they were closed because they're power had went out, so we went to Quaker Steak and Lube.  Pattie and Rob had ate there as well, just at a different table.  It was funny and weird eating at a different table than them.  I am so used to having their company that being in the same room but not eating with them was an odd experience for me.  The 4th date was another shot at Uno.  They were open, and we both ended up ordering the same thing.  It is getting easier to talk with him, and I can tell he is always trying to keep the conversation flowing.

As some of you might have noticed, my Facebook status had read I should have kissed him :-( and I mean it.  I never normally have a nervous problem.  But when the end of the date comes, I find myself giving him a hug and a small (probably unnoticeable) kiss on his neck, right below the ear.  And I had every intention of giving him a real kiss at the end of our 4th date, but I panicked.  What if he doesn't want a kiss, like he isn't ready for that?  What if it scares him off?  What if he doesn't even like me, and is only taking me to dinner out of pity?  Eh, okay, so maybe he does like me, but what if I lean in for a kiss and he leans away?  What if I have onion breath?  I did have a burger with onions on it at Uno, so what if?!  What if I screw it up, and kiss him wrong?  Like miss his mouth?  How embarrassing that would be!

Gah, it's just making my knot of nervous even tighter, and I just get that stupid butterfly sensation in my stomach.  Gotta shake it off and head back to the kennel for the evening shift.  But still...  I can't wait to see him again.  :-)

(On a side note I was sent another referral named Joel who I am to meet this week, though I think I will have to change the day.  We'll see how that goes.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bah, I'm me, what more is there to brag about? ;-)

Well, there won't be a second date with Toby.  Yes, unfortunately.  I am not going to lie, I am confused about this.  When we first called each other we spent 4 hours on the phone together.  Then every time after that it was a good hour, hour and a half.  We talked a lot before we met, and even then, I thought our date went smoothly.  We laughed, had jokes, had endless chitchat.  At least, I thought so.  And even then, at the end of the date, when I asked if he wanted a second date, he said ya.

Maybe that was the two beers talking.  I tried calling him yesterday, and I couldn't get a hold of him.  So I texted him asking him if he was busy and if I could call.  Now on Sunday I had texted him, asking him if "he was feeling it" meaning the beer since he admitted to drinking prior to our date and said he would feel it later.  I didn't get a reply back Sunday or Monday.  But on Tuesday I get a text back saying "Watching baseball game, no i am not feeling it like you said it was nice meeting you."  It didnt take too much to link it together, so I asked him if I did anything wrong, and he simply replied, "no, your just not my type."

Type.  Ohhh, does that word set me on edge.  Not my type, my type.  What does that mean?  Does that mean I am too fat for him, not skinny enough, too ditsy, not busty, too shy, not friendly, too needy, not worthy, too free, not considerate?  I mean, what makes a person have a type of person they are attracted AND THEN JOIN A BLIND DATING SERVICE?!?!?  Hello, you moron, if you want a certain type go fishing elsewhere where you can view your fish better! 

Okay, okay, okay, I can understand having a physical attraction to certain people.  I mean, there are those cuties in the world that make us go "oh la la" and blush.  And if that physical attraction isn't there, then I guess I am not his type.  Well, sometimes, these things take time to grow...  I know this from Pattie and Rob.  Pattie and Rob didn't have that attraction at first though.  And I do not have a physical attraction to Vincent.  But after one date he can honestly say this- no, not say, text it to me.  I am not his type.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My 2nd date with Vincent 7/18/11

Vince picked me up around 7, and right off the bat we got lost.  As it goes it does not help to have two directional challenged people in the car.  We drove around trying to find our way into Cranberry, which took about twenty minutes, lol.  I swear he is worse than my dad, and that is saying something.  We eventually found our way to Aladdin Eatery, after much driving and talking.  I didn't mind though as he seemed much more relaxed and talked a little more easier than the first date.  It rained on and off while we drove, but by the time we got to the restaurant, it was lightening and thundering with heavy downpours.  We enjoyed our meal with idle chitchat about the storm.  When we finished, he paid- and only tipped the waiter a dollar.  I thought that was weird, but maybe he generally isn't a tipper to begin with.  Whatever the case, we got back into the car, got lost for another twenty minutes, found our way, and got me home safe and sound.  I love car rides to begin with, so getting lost didn't bother me in the least.  And it gave us the opportunity to talk and get to know each other more.  I asked him if he was interested in a 3rd date, and he said yes, but he goes back to school on Monday and doesn't know when he will be available.  I told him it didn't matter, we'd figure something out.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My date with Toby 7/16/11

Toby, a 5'11"/6' brown haired, blue eyed hunk, picked me up yesterday for our first date.  He was right on time.  I went outside and my first impression was 'wow' because he had personality rolling off him in waves.  We got inside his car and we headed to Primanti Brothers.  We choose this because Pattie said it was a place I would feel comfortable in, and he would have the sports on the TV for him.  He was okay with it and off we went.  And I failed to remember the directions.  I know, I am hopeless.  But we talked the whole way passed it, turned around, and found our way there.  Once inside, having eaten there countless times, I knew what I wanted.  So I watched him make some funny faces while trying to figure out what he wanted (I do this myself when I am unsure of what to get).  We put our orders in, I got a raspberry iced tea and he got a bud light.  We had each other laughing a lot, which is really important to me.  Our food came, and we still managed to talk in between bites.  On our way out, he had the bright idea of trying to figure out how to get me home himself and told me not to tell him how.  For once I actually knew where we were, so I just agreed.  Luckily he figured out he made the wrong turn before he got too far down the road.  I laughed the whole time he turned around, as he said a hint next time would be nice.  In my opinion, we made it home too fast only because I didn't want the night to end.  I had a blast and am really looking forward to our second date (which hasn't be set up yet).  I cannot understand how the guy is still single!!  The only downfall is he does smoke.  He was very considerate to ask me if it was okay for him to smoke in the car with me in it, and he made sure he kept his cigarette practically outside the window the whole time so it didn't bother me in the least.  But even so, he is charming and pleasant and funny and considerate and easy-going!  I could really see myself falling for this guy. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My date with Vincent 7/11/11

My date with 6'5" black haired and hazel-eyed Vincent went well.  We were going to go to Aladdin's Eatery, but instead went to Mad Mex.  I found out I do not like avocado or bean sprouts much, but I am still loving chicken salads nonetheless.  :-)  Vince is sweet.  He came to pick me up for our date which won him extra brownie points as not many guys have the civility to do so anymore.  He is obviously shy and timid, and it doesn't help that this was our first time meeting.  However, the chitchat was easy.  I know how it was to be that painfully shy and I kept the conversation flowing the best I could (while still being shy myself).  When I asked him about it he admitted that he is quiet, and I simply asked him if he was interested.  I didn't want to beat around the bush, and I made it clear that I would like to go on a second date if he was interested.  He said he was.  I am not sure what his type of girl is.  Since I am the pudgy short type with not-so-straight teeth and glasses I was prepared for a let down.  However he asked me to call him (since my schedule is busier than his) and we could try to set up a date for next week.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Updating my Blog 5/16/11

I haven't had the time to blog or vlog.  Not that I had the desire to.  My focus for these passed weeks was only for Vixen, my beautiful but bitchy mare.  I put her in training in April.  Some would think it would be a total waste of money, but she wasn't safe.  Not even for just herself.  What it comes down to is trust with her.  She doesn't trust easily.  She had been abused, harshly, and reacts hotly to the wrong kind of corrections.  The trainer was extremely helpful in showing me how to handle her, though it's hard to control an 8oo lbs horse!  All of April was spent getting stalls ready for Ransom, then for Vixen and Sarge.  Vixen and Sarge arrived exactly at 5 on May 8, 2011.  Since then we have been bouncing between the kennel and the barn, work and pleasure.

Yesterday (Sunday May 15, 2011), we had a horse welcoming party and a birthday party (for me).  It was just another excuse to have family and friends over the house, lol.  But nonetheless, we showed off our horses, Pattie rode Ransom and Rob rode Sarge.  We were planning on pony rides, but it started pouring down rain!  So we had to put the horses away, but then I found a toad!  I had seen one the night before and was totally geeked because I had touched it.  Pattie handed it to me, and I actually held it!  Then we spotted another one in front of the house.  I chased it a little while trying to catch it.  Yes, in the rain.  I never said I was brilliant or anything.  ;-)

For my birthday I got a journal (thanks Toni) which I may use for my witch studies as I don't really keep a diary.  I am not sure what I aim for it right now, but all I know is I love it and I plan on using it.  I also got color pens, which are a weakness of mine.  Especially purple ones!  I got two gift cards, one for Target (thanks Jackie) and one for Barnes and Noble (thank you so much Aunt Wiggles).  Pattie got me an actual riding helmet instead of the bike helmet I have been using.  Yay!  Trust me, there is a HUGE difference.  Like, a life and death difference.  And what is better is this one is white which will keep me cooler in the sun than the neon pink (ugh) that I had been forced to buy last minute.

Then Pattie told my mom to buy me something really special.  And my mom went for it even though she had no clue which one would be better...  And now I have a Smithsonian Handbook of Birds for the bird watching I have recently picked up!  I was sooo geeked for this.  Minutes after I got it and was flipping through the pages, Toni (Rob's mom) pointed to two birds in a tree and asked me what they were.  I looked them up (it took a while but I found they were Scarlet Tanagers) and then screamed and jumped up and down and did a dance because (and I am quoting myself) "my book worked!"

So all in all my May has been good.  For Beltane this year we had a small fire in the fire pit outside.  I didn't do anything special because I was too focused on getting the stalls ready for the horses.  But now things seem to be settling down a bit.  The kennel will pick up as summer drags on, but I can't complain.  I am hoping to get things done.  However that means more time for me, and less time for you (blogging/vlogging).  I don't know if it will really matter since I don't really think anyone follows me on my blog or watches my YouTube channel much.  I still plan on posting, but it won't be nearly as much as I had hinted before.  Though doing a video now will be nice since I switched my room around.  You won't catch a messing half-ass made bed behind me anymore.  :-)

Light and Love to all you folks!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another day, another spider

Okay so the first three spiders the morning of the 16th I kinda ignored... Looked up some info, but didn't read all that much into it. That evening Diamond, our Aussie, brought me a spider, pretty big, size of a quarter. She carried it in her mouth, brought in into my bedroom, and dropped it at my feet. Now that's a freaking sign.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Proposed Legislation

I want to talk about the banning of certain plants because the government says so.  

My Celibacy

Recently I have been under some ridicule because I am striving to reframe from having sex until a full year has passed.  This will end around my 22nd birthday on May 7th.  I didn't just swear off sex for an entire year.  After 6 months passed, I said I want to try this since I am already half way there.  I am not doing it for any other reason than to say, "I didn't have sex for a year."  There is nothing wrong with this celibacy.  It has become a goal, especially because I am being told it is silly and that I need laid.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting Road Bump

So I like the book better than I thought I would, even though I require some herbs and oils for each month.  To get it out of the way, I got this months and next months.  It was under $40.00, so I can't complain.  Besides, if my hard earned money does nothing but sit in the bank, it would be quite useless.  So I bought some herbs I needed, most of the oils listed I already have.  I even treated myself to some stones from HollyDaisyRose, since I am really into the feel of crystals and such.  But I really wanna express what a road bump it is to have to order these items off the internet.  I don't have a local metaphysical store to go to.  The only witchie store close is in Pittsburgh, and that's a good 30 minutes away.  And because I don't drive, that's an issue since I have to ask Rob.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Year and a Day Journey

So when the Craft first caught my attention, I was young.  I never thought witches were evil, and when I had watched The Wizard of Oz, the evil witch made me cry.  (That and the transition to color for some odd reason.)  When we got our first computer, I searched witchcraft.  My parents found out and asked me about it.  They were concerned that the curiosity would grow into something darker.  My uncle tried telling me it was the Devil's Craft, and I would go to Hell. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Real Women, keep this going!

Anything you give a woman she will make it greater. 
Give her sperm and she makes a child. 
Give her a house and she will make a home. 
Give her groceries and she will make a meal. 
Give her a smile and she will give you her heart. 
She multiplies and enlarges all that she is given... 
So, if you give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yeah yeah, I haven't finished unpacking all the way yet.  It's killing me seeing my room a mess like this all the time.  But with Imbolic just around the corner, I want to set all my shit in order so I maybe can have organization for my ritual (if I have the room for it). 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Settling In (and ranting)

Finally got the internet.  Weird, I never realized how much I depended on it.  It makes me want to change a few things in my life.  However, I am dealing with enough change right now, that I think I will wait a little on down the line before making any more big changes.