Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Books VS Experience

As a solitary witch, most of my knowledge comes from the pages of books I have managed to collect over the three years I started reading into Wicca.  Since I can remember, I have always been spiritual.  I never doubted that there was something Higher.  Admitting, I wasn't sure of God let alone a Goddess.  I just knew something existed.  I could feel it.

Once I started reading more into Wicca, I felt the pull.  Was there a Goddess as well as a God?  Was that my Higher Power?  I knew not, only that the more I swam in the wiccan sea, the more I wanted to drown in it.  The beauty of it touched me deeper.  The knowledge was there, written in these books, on these pages.  Yet when I reached out, I wasn't sure if I was reaching far enough.

Could the Goddess hear me?  Could the Goddess feel me?

Books brought me this far; I have to walk my path. not read it.  So I took a walk.  I drank the natural world in, and I sipped it like a sweet wine, savoring every taste.  Nature was alive, energized somehow.  I could feel the breath, the heart beat, the growling stomach.  I could feel the wonder, and I wanted to see the Goddess and the God in it.  Show me, I asked the Goddess.  Just a glimpse. 

I looked down, and there at my feet was a feather, a dark tan with two dark brown dots decorating the fine piece of work.  It was beautiful, and it was from the Goddess.  She was watching, showing me I was on the right path!

That was a year ago I found the feather.  And since then, I know I am on the right path.  I still read my books, the knowledge printed there from countless authors guiding me, empowering me.  Sometimes I still long for that teacher that I might have connected with had I sought a coven.  But either way, I still have my Goddess, and she still has me.

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