Friday, January 21, 2011


Yeah yeah, I haven't finished unpacking all the way yet.  It's killing me seeing my room a mess like this all the time.  But with Imbolic just around the corner, I want to set all my shit in order so I maybe can have organization for my ritual (if I have the room for it). 

Now I am not planning anything big for Imbolic.  Maybe burn some rose petals or lavender.  Light a bunch of candles to welcome the Sun.  I did a ritual last year where I wrote down a lot of wishes I had for others and for myself, and I sealed them in a heart-shaped tin. I think I will reopen that, burn the old ones, and rewrite new ones for this upcoming time. 

Of course that is only if I have cleaned my room so I can be sure nothing else can catch on fire.  I would hate to burn down the new house.  I don't think my friends would be too happy about that.

The only reason I haven't done any videos is because I don't have Windows Movie Maker on my computer anymore.  And Rob isn't exactly being helpful.  I am not computer suave, so sorry if you have to tell me eighty times what I need to do, but please tell me eighty times what I need to do. 

Once I get the program, I will probably make a few videos at once and post them throughout the week.  I want to do one on my room, just showing the set up and way it is now.  Then I want to do one on the collection of books I have, because I hadn't realized I had so much until I needed to unpack them all.  I have the time during my lunch breaks to do videos, but no program on the computer and no room on my SD chip from my camera.  Another thing to add to the To-Do List. 

I also need to hang some pictures.  This doesn't need to be done for Imbolic, but I would love to decorate my room.  I am an artist, and I want to display my art.  Maybe I will do a video on that.  Any ideas on what you want to see, just comment and let me know. 

Anyway, I should get back to cleaning.  :-P  Not that it is something I am looking forward to, because it isn't.  But I am looking forward to getting this done and over with, so the sooner, the better. 

Blessed be everyone! 
Love and Peace

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