Monday, January 10, 2011

Settling In (and ranting)

Finally got the internet.  Weird, I never realized how much I depended on it.  It makes me want to change a few things in my life.  However, I am dealing with enough change right now, that I think I will wait a little on down the line before making any more big changes. 

We are still slowly unpacking.  I think I said once or twice that I never realized how much stuff I had until I had to pack it, and I just wanted to state that I never realized I had soooo sooo much stuff until I had to UNpack it.  I still have three boxes sitting on my floor.  Sure, you can tell how  much stuff you have when you are desperately shoving it into any box you can.  But when it comes to unpacking and finding a proper place for each item, well... I have to find a nice place for my paintings and my supplies.  I think I have my altar set up, but then again, I wanted to change it up a bit, and I have to find what suits me more now that I have more room, more space to have my altar, and over all, more privacy to display my religion.  I have some books in the closet that I don't care to display but I couldn't get rid of either.  I have a box of books I am thinking of donating to maybe Half Price Book Store.  I also have a huge green container filled with my clothes that need unpacked eventually.  I am avoiding this task the most as I know a lot of my clothes can now be hung up, and I don't want to fight with any hangers.

All in all, it's just one long day after another.

I'm going to try to get a video going to show my sweet pad, lol.  We are having a house warming party soon, and I hope a lot of family and friends can make it.  I'll look like a little tourist with my camera in everyone's face.  I miss my family more than I thought I would.  But then again, we didn't have internet or phone, and now that we do, I might feel better after I have a good heart to heart with her.  My brother took over my old job as a cake decorator and I want to find out how that is doing him.  I heard he is doing great, but I still want to hear about his days and such.  And with all this stress of running the kennel and doing business, I need a good belly laugh from my dad.  I hope all three of them come up to the house warming party.

Other than a move than changed my life and career, nothing much else is happening.  Thank Goddess, lol.

Oh, well, Rob is dieting.  Counting carbs.  He's taking it uber serious, so I am trying to be as supportive as I can be.  I always failed at dieting; the cookies always call my name.  But I give him kudos because he has been doing it since the new year and he is doing one hell of a job counting.  He's making me feel guilty for eating what I eat.  He's not trying to, he just wants to be healthy.  But now I keep having weird dreams, and I know what my subconscious is telling me.  However, the Chips Ahoy cookies are calling once again...

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