Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Year and a Day Journey

So when the Craft first caught my attention, I was young.  I never thought witches were evil, and when I had watched The Wizard of Oz, the evil witch made me cry.  (That and the transition to color for some odd reason.)  When we got our first computer, I searched witchcraft.  My parents found out and asked me about it.  They were concerned that the curiosity would grow into something darker.  My uncle tried telling me it was the Devil's Craft, and I would go to Hell. 

But the more I looked into it, the more I saw the beauty.  It was nature based, not evil.  I got my first few books (Scott Cunningham's Earth Power, Sylvia Browne's Angels) when I was still in school.  I told everyone it was research for my novel.  I even told myself it. 

In early '06 I started really getting into Tarot.  I was studying psychic attentiveness, trying to open my mind to be more psychically aware.  I accepted Tarot as a tool, and talked my parents into letting me get a deck.  They were fine with it.  When they decided to have children they both agreed that they weren't going to push religion on my brother and I.  Sure I learned about God and Jesus, but I only went to church when I wanted to.  It was my choice. 

My choice developed into what I am now following.  I am attempting to follow a Wiccan/Pagan path, though it varies from day to day.  I am eclectic.  I like to think I am still finding my way.  When my parents saw the nature based path I was following, they started encouraging me to continue on with my faith.  It has benefited me so much physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I have become a (some what) happier person. 

I still get odd looks from a select few of my family members.  They haven't confronted me, but I heard their whispers at a Christmas party this passed year.  They look down their noses at my pentacle and my Goddess.  But I never hide it.  I wear it loud and proud no matter whose presence I am in.  It shows their ignorance in believing I worship a Devil when my God is from Paganism, before Christianity! 

The whole point of this rant is I want to learn more.  Even when it feels like everything is in my way, I still have this, my faith, my path.  Before Yule (and Christmas), I had bought "Wicca: A Year and a Day" by Timothy Roderick.  I saw some reviews on YouTube that really praised the book on its knowledge, so I sought it out immediately.  Just flipping through the pages with quick glances had me filled with a gut feeling that this book would help me loads in my path.  I bought it, and it has sat on my shelf since.

Since Imbolic has come and passed, I have felt awakening of something inside of me that wishes to start this project.  I want to actually do each and every lesson as if I was back in school and trying my hardest for straight As.  This book looks like it is outlined beautifully, so it should be simple for me to follow.  But what I also want to do is blog each lesson.  I won't reveal all; if something meaningful happens to me spiritually I know to keep it close to me.  However, I see no harm in sharing the lessons and even sharing some of my experiences while doing them.

If you wish to follow me, feel free to read my blogs.  Have any questions, feel free to ask.  Other than that, welcome to my solitary journey on Wicca: A Year and a Day. 

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  1. Hi! I have that book and even did a review on youtube of it, sort of. Would love to discuss it with you! :D Although I didn't agree with everything(eg skyclad) I did find it very helpful-it made me think and question things myself.
    Blessed Be!