Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Review: Fell by David Clement-Davies

Title: Fell

Author: David Clement-Davis

Synopsis: In this dark, thrilling fairy tale, it is the wolf who saves the girl. Fell, the dark-furred twin brother of Larka, the heroine of The Sight, must face life without his sister or the rest of his loving pack. He’s a lone wolf now, a “kerl,” an outcast from his kind who shares his sister’s fatal gift for seeing the future and the thoughts of others. This gift leads him to befriend a young girl, also an outcast from her people. They have a shared destiny: to free the land from a tyrannical ruler who would enslave man and animal alike.


a.) Characters: 2/5 points. Five years after The Sight, we are wallowing in self-pity from Fell after losing his sister Larka and trying to figure out Alina’s true past.  I like the idea that Alina was disguised as a boy named Alin.  Adding the human in however was, in my opinion, not the greatest of ideas.  In The Sight, the goals were always to the next step progressing the storyline.  This one wasn’t as upbeat or clean-cut in travel or target.

b.) Plot: 2/5 points.  Mostly focused on Fell and Alina.  Not normally a bad thing, but after reading The Sight and having so many more characters, this felt empty without more.  Adding the human made the story weak in my opinion.  Fell’s purpose seemed lost as he helped Alina.  It centered more on humans than the wolves, and after The Sight, it felt awkward.

c.) Writing style: 3/5 points.  At times the writing seduced you into the story like a passionate lover- and then there were other times when it felt like the story was dragging on as if he was trying to create a long novel.  The same terms carried over, so you still felt the world that Fell lives in.

Rating: 5/15 total

I gave this book 2 stars for a reason.  I had such a hard time reading it.  And I feel terrible for this review, but Fell was nothing compared to The Sight.  I don't know if Davis did this second book just to or if there was actually something wrapped up in it.  It focused a lot more around the humans that the previous book did.  I think that he had a good idea, toyed with it for a little, and then just did whatever to spit out another book.  It doesn't feel like (at least, to me) that he put much effort into this. 

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