Thursday, April 12, 2012

The characters of my brain

So, currently, I am working on a story (that I have been working on for years) and picked up this niffy idea from my Aunt Darla.  She cuts faces out of magazines for the characters she's working with in her novels.  That way she can see them.  They are there, in front of her, real.  And easier to describe.

Anyway, so I went ahead and said fuck the magazines.  She can have them.  I looked on the internet. This took a while, as I would start my Google search with "woman blonde hair" or "men with spiky black hair".  It took a while to find ones that I liked.  Because I am THAT picky.

No, I am not.  There was just a lot of crazy pictures.

Don't be shocked if you know the actor or actress.  I didn't want to use known people, but once I found a picture I liked, it was hard to find one better.  So here is my cast.

Jessica Pearson, main character.  Yes, I started writing this when I was young enough to use my first name instead of someone else.  What can I say?  She grew into it.

Age 17, a senior at Belleville High School, a cheerleader.   Dates Terry Hugo. Best friend is Amber Black.  Love interest is Connor Summers.

Without revealing anything of the storyline, let's just say lots of shit happens to her.

Terry Hugo, age 18, Jessica's boyfriend of 2 years.  Quarterback for the Belleville Vikings.  He moved from Lansing where he and Connor have a past.

It wish I could go more into that, but you'll have to wait until the book is done.

And I am only on chapter 3 right now.

Hope the suspense doesn't kill you.  I mean that, I need you to buy my book when I finally get it published.

Anyway, I really should get more into his character.  He plays a big part in the storyline.

Then there is Amber Black

Isn't she a hottie?  I have no idea who this is, but man I love this picture.  Which is funny because she looks so much like Pattie (my roommate).  Hair style, hair color, eyes.

Anyway, Amber is Jessica bestie.  Age 18 (I think), is really a flirt, shows interest in boys left and right.  Turns out, she's gay.

No.  No, she's not.  But wouldn't that be something... My own little wet dream...

She is there for Jessica through thick and thin, and helps Jessica really find herself through the story.

She is like my Pattie, but better, because she doesn't make Jessica diet in the novel.

Just saying.

Enter:   Connor Summers.  YUM!  Totally love this picture by the way.  Moved from Lansing to Belleville to flee his past, but fails miserably when it hunts him down and tries to kill him.


The bad guy is a vampire.  Did I mention that?


Guess what?  The bad guy is a vampire.

Moving on.  Long story short, Connor gets Jessica involved in his world, and all of a sudden, there are a lot of life-threatening situations and plot twists and trauma.

This handsome stud is Rex Ray, Connor's pal.  He's older, already out of school... so probably 22.

He comes from a family of vampire hunters, and he has taught all he knows to Connor.

Blonde hair, blues eyes, 6'1", 182 pounds of hunk and muscle.

Lonely because all his family is dead. 

Sad story really- shame you won't know it unless you READ MY BOOK.

When it's out, of course.

Next is Dylan McCoy- another friend of Connor's.  

I actually cannot believe how well this picture captures Dylan. 

He graduated from Belleville the year previous, work's at Santi’s Pizzeria, and has a thing for Amber.  

But I can't go into that because it would ruin the story. 

He's a good guy, not a great fighter, but he tries.  I myself don't even remember how he met up with the gang.  But he helps hunt the things that go bump in the night. 

When he's not serving pizza. 

A minor character that I might make have a bigger part is Jason Peason, Jessica's older brother.  

For a good part of the story, he is away at college.  So he isn't really all that important in the first half of the book. 

In my original copy of this, he was a druggie and a drunk, promising to never live up to anything.  Then I felt bad for the poor guy and stepped up his game.  

Then all of a sudden he wants to go to college and my baby boy is all grown up!  

*sniffle, sniffle*

Ahh, the memories.  

Well, I should probably work on my story more instead of looking at hot pictures of half-naked men on Google.  I don't know how men manage to type one-handed.  ;-)

-Later germs!

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  1. Cool! Glad to see you're writing again. haha And I remember this story...some of it anyways. I remember sitting on the couch reading this, the first two or three chapters. That's the day you inspired me to write. I finished my first novel but still working the rewrite. I'm hoping this will be the year I get it published.

    And yes, quit looking at half naked men on Google and get to writing. BTW, which site are you looking at???? LOL

    Much love!
    Aunt Darla