Monday, May 16, 2011

Updating my Blog 5/16/11

I haven't had the time to blog or vlog.  Not that I had the desire to.  My focus for these passed weeks was only for Vixen, my beautiful but bitchy mare.  I put her in training in April.  Some would think it would be a total waste of money, but she wasn't safe.  Not even for just herself.  What it comes down to is trust with her.  She doesn't trust easily.  She had been abused, harshly, and reacts hotly to the wrong kind of corrections.  The trainer was extremely helpful in showing me how to handle her, though it's hard to control an 8oo lbs horse!  All of April was spent getting stalls ready for Ransom, then for Vixen and Sarge.  Vixen and Sarge arrived exactly at 5 on May 8, 2011.  Since then we have been bouncing between the kennel and the barn, work and pleasure.

Yesterday (Sunday May 15, 2011), we had a horse welcoming party and a birthday party (for me).  It was just another excuse to have family and friends over the house, lol.  But nonetheless, we showed off our horses, Pattie rode Ransom and Rob rode Sarge.  We were planning on pony rides, but it started pouring down rain!  So we had to put the horses away, but then I found a toad!  I had seen one the night before and was totally geeked because I had touched it.  Pattie handed it to me, and I actually held it!  Then we spotted another one in front of the house.  I chased it a little while trying to catch it.  Yes, in the rain.  I never said I was brilliant or anything.  ;-)

For my birthday I got a journal (thanks Toni) which I may use for my witch studies as I don't really keep a diary.  I am not sure what I aim for it right now, but all I know is I love it and I plan on using it.  I also got color pens, which are a weakness of mine.  Especially purple ones!  I got two gift cards, one for Target (thanks Jackie) and one for Barnes and Noble (thank you so much Aunt Wiggles).  Pattie got me an actual riding helmet instead of the bike helmet I have been using.  Yay!  Trust me, there is a HUGE difference.  Like, a life and death difference.  And what is better is this one is white which will keep me cooler in the sun than the neon pink (ugh) that I had been forced to buy last minute.

Then Pattie told my mom to buy me something really special.  And my mom went for it even though she had no clue which one would be better...  And now I have a Smithsonian Handbook of Birds for the bird watching I have recently picked up!  I was sooo geeked for this.  Minutes after I got it and was flipping through the pages, Toni (Rob's mom) pointed to two birds in a tree and asked me what they were.  I looked them up (it took a while but I found they were Scarlet Tanagers) and then screamed and jumped up and down and did a dance because (and I am quoting myself) "my book worked!"

So all in all my May has been good.  For Beltane this year we had a small fire in the fire pit outside.  I didn't do anything special because I was too focused on getting the stalls ready for the horses.  But now things seem to be settling down a bit.  The kennel will pick up as summer drags on, but I can't complain.  I am hoping to get things done.  However that means more time for me, and less time for you (blogging/vlogging).  I don't know if it will really matter since I don't really think anyone follows me on my blog or watches my YouTube channel much.  I still plan on posting, but it won't be nearly as much as I had hinted before.  Though doing a video now will be nice since I switched my room around.  You won't catch a messing half-ass made bed behind me anymore.  :-)

Light and Love to all you folks!


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  1. Lone Wolf,

    I still follow you! I didn't know you had vlogs-tho I have no idea what that even is. LOL I'm glad you had a great day. All we talked about for the next couple of days ws how much fun we had. And we (me, Gary and Gram) all agree that we want to move up near you guys. lol So peaceful and serene. Living there will ADD 10 years onto your life.
    I'll be posting pics on FB soon.

    Love you!
    Darla (Aunt Wiggles)