Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another day, another spider

Okay so the first three spiders the morning of the 16th I kinda ignored... Looked up some info, but didn't read all that much into it. That evening Diamond, our Aussie, brought me a spider, pretty big, size of a quarter. She carried it in her mouth, brought in into my bedroom, and dropped it at my feet. Now that's a freaking sign.

Ever since then I have been finding spiders around at least once a day.  I know with the warm weather they will be coming out, but why have I been the only one seeing them around?  I used to hate spiders so much.  It was learned because I used to see my mom freak out about spiders.  I remember many times where she freaked terribly.  But she came to realize she is bigger and can kill them.

I had a hard time getting over my fear.  I used to scream and run, which is really silly looking back at it.  But I got better, and now I don't run screaming.  I see them as the sign they are.  I watch them crawl and climb, their eight tiny legs pulling them along.  Whether it is in the house, in the kennel, or outside, I find these critters are starting to grow on me a little.

I don't mind their presence as much as I used to.  I remember when I was a child I told my mom that there was a spider in the hallway.  When she went to kill it, it was gone.  I went to bed and got very little sleep.  When I woke, I told my mom that the spider was behind the clothes hamper in the hallway.I couldn't explain how I knew.  I could just see it there.  Sure enough, there it was.

I have had several experiences like that, but I just took it as I was paranoid.  LOL! 

A friend of mine from facebook, Katie Mcbrien, really helped me figure out some meanings behind the spider.  She is so helpful, and if any of you guys out there have a facebook, you should totally add her, she has been awesome!  Anyhow, she sent me two sites that I will post below.


They really helped me get meaning to why these eight-legged critters have been popping up for me, and for me alone.  I am a writer at heart and have been having some writer's block.  Perhaps these spiders will help me weave my story.  And even weave my life and my craft practice.  Like the song "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" where it climbs up the spout, the rain washes it away, and once the sun dries it all up, the spider returns to try again.  Always always try try again.  I have a youtube video on this already.  I believe in getting back up and on your horse (watch video for reference). 

I have honestly been enjoying these little surprises.  I haven't been killing any of them, just been returning them outside.  There are even two spiders I left alone, still living inside the kennel.  The one, a daddy long legger by the looks of it, is in the bathroom and causing no one harm.  The other one lives by the hose, and shockingly enjoys stinkbugs, lol!  So that one stays as well.  But it has been fun experiencing this.  I will treasure these moments, these signs, these little friends forever.

Are the spiders a new totem animal for me?  Maybe, maybe not.  If they are, I will work with them like I work with the cardinals.  All I know is I accept and walk my path with my eyes open, even to the small things.

Happy Ostara
and many bright blessings!

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  1. Hey Jess,
    We were coming in the building the other day and as we were walking down the hallway, I noticed what I thought was a fuzzie hanging from the ceiling. Wasn't a fuzzie but a spider. *shivers* Gary took the web and set the spider on the ground. He bent to check what kind it was. I stepped on it and said, "A dead one." lol Sorry but my house (or in this case, apt), my rules. And in this case, NO BUGS ALLOWED!!!