Monday, August 8, 2011

My 3rd and 4th date with Vincent!

I have been busy at the kennel and haven't had the time to sit down and blog.  But I have definitely had time to sit down and have dinner with Vince, lol.  The 3rd date went well, we planned to go to Uno but they were closed because they're power had went out, so we went to Quaker Steak and Lube.  Pattie and Rob had ate there as well, just at a different table.  It was funny and weird eating at a different table than them.  I am so used to having their company that being in the same room but not eating with them was an odd experience for me.  The 4th date was another shot at Uno.  They were open, and we both ended up ordering the same thing.  It is getting easier to talk with him, and I can tell he is always trying to keep the conversation flowing.

As some of you might have noticed, my Facebook status had read I should have kissed him :-( and I mean it.  I never normally have a nervous problem.  But when the end of the date comes, I find myself giving him a hug and a small (probably unnoticeable) kiss on his neck, right below the ear.  And I had every intention of giving him a real kiss at the end of our 4th date, but I panicked.  What if he doesn't want a kiss, like he isn't ready for that?  What if it scares him off?  What if he doesn't even like me, and is only taking me to dinner out of pity?  Eh, okay, so maybe he does like me, but what if I lean in for a kiss and he leans away?  What if I have onion breath?  I did have a burger with onions on it at Uno, so what if?!  What if I screw it up, and kiss him wrong?  Like miss his mouth?  How embarrassing that would be!

Gah, it's just making my knot of nervous even tighter, and I just get that stupid butterfly sensation in my stomach.  Gotta shake it off and head back to the kennel for the evening shift.  But still...  I can't wait to see him again.  :-)

(On a side note I was sent another referral named Joel who I am to meet this week, though I think I will have to change the day.  We'll see how that goes.)

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