Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a bit of rambling

I wish I could get myself to sit down long enough to spit out a couple blogs during the week.  However recently my time has been dominated by a couple of secret pleasures of mine.

This does not involve anything sexual sadly.

Secret Pleasure #1:  Minecraft.

Yes folks, Minecraft.  If you have no idea what this is, head over here.  If you do know what it is then maybe you can understand.  However it isnt just the game that has been taking up my time.  It is the slew of youtube videos that show people playing... The list goes on from adventure maps to creative creations to texture packs and updates from the game.

Right now I have two Minecraft videos open, both by The YogsCast.  These two are hilarious adventure maps that they play together (Lewis and Simon).  I cannot get enough of them.  There are other miscellaneous youtubers that I watch that play, but really, these guys take the cake (and the gold and diamond if available).

Secret Pleasure #2:  Mental Poo.

If you have to pee, please do so before attempting to read his blog.  I continue to make this mistake and have had so many close calls that it should be embarrassing instead of proof of how funny this guy is.

I could go on and on and on about this guy being super hilarious, but he's already as full of himself as he is gonna get... 

Rodney if you are reading this, I <3 you! 

Secret Pleasure #3:  Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is really awesome.  It is easy to listen to music I like (even though I use Pattie's radio and have been too lazy to sign up myself).  I like using it for #4.

Secret Pleasure #4:  WRITING AGAIN!

I have gotten back into the loop of writing in one of my novels.  After a very very very very VERY dry spell to which nothing was coming out right and everything that did come out was just food for the backspace key-  I feel like my writer's block has lifted and I am getting back into it.

This being said I might end up posting on here more often than I have been.

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