Sunday, October 16, 2011

Does NO ONE else do the dishes around here?!

It is unimaginably hard trying to get someone to do the dishes around here.  It's ridiculous.

Of course it isn't easy to find someone to do the dishes since it is only three of us living here.  Before anyone tells me to do them let me state that I most often do.  But I do live with two other people, and I get these weird ideas that this should be shared and not all on my shoulders.  It isn't even like they need hand washed- we have a dishwasher!  And yet the dishes will sit in the sink day after day until they start to stink which is normally when I give in and do them anyway.  Again.

And by then I have already screwed myself over because I always forget my roomies suck a properly rising dishes off so they have dried caked on sauce and milk glasses that weren't rinsed out.  Or ice cream bowls that sat around upstairs for only-God-knows-how-many night before Pattie gets sick of seeing all of it and brings it down to the sink.

How about "Do these damn dishes you ungrateful brat!"
 Pattie has sworn dirty dishes off.  She down right won't do them.  The whole time we have lived here (since January), she has done them, maybe, a total of ten times.  And she doesn't even try to hide it- she will admit she refuses to do the dishes.  I can understand because she does do other house chores like sweeping and dusting and laundry and tending to the horses and the dogs.  And I know from much experience that after standing at the sink to rinse all the dishes to put them in the dishwasher my back starts to hurt really bad.  She already has chronic back pain from her surgeries, she doesn't need any more of a reason to bitch.

I guess what really gets under my skin is when Rob goes all holier-than-thou and claims he always rinses his dishes off and sticks them right in the dishwasher.  Seriously, no you fucking do not!  And once or twice does not count as 'always' either!  And I know you don't because not even a half an hour ago I reminded you to take your ice cream bowl downstairs and you just went right back to reading the internets. 

How the sink starts out.

Then the sink is full. 

Then the nasty dishes are spilling out from the sink onto the count and omg what is that smell!?

What kills me is how they will sit there for so long that they will actually start having a 'spoiled food' smell to them!  Do my roommates ever go into the kitchen?!  Because if they do I want to know how they cannot smell that ripe-ass rotten-shit smell.  I have even stood next to Pattie and asked her if she smelled it, to which she replied no, and then called her a liar because you couldn't not smell it.   

It smells like something with rabies/mange crawled into our sink to die, died, and has been there since last month!  Which I know to be false since I was the last one to do the dishes.  Now I am wondering if it is the water that we drink but I am sure it isn't because I only smell the smell when there is a sink full of dirty dishes.  But now I am going to drive myself crazy thinking about the water...  Doesn't matter, my medications will need upped if this fiasco continues much longer...

I wish I was joking.  I am crazy now.  I will even accept someone just unloading the dishwasher for me, putting all the dishes away properly, and letting me know so the next load can be done.  But I don't think Rob knows where all the dishes go because he will sometimes leave a couple out on the counter and then it's the guessing game where I sniff and rub my fingers on it trying to see if it is clean or dirty.  

It's like pulling teeth trying to get someone to do the dishes.  And there are times when I ask, and Rob actually agrees to do them, and then after two days of asking I just do them myself.  I can't throw a huge fit though because there are time that I know I need to get the dishes done and I push it off because honestly, who wants to do dishes anyway?

That's what babies are for!

If that's the case then I need to get me one of these!  (Just kidding!)

....though I am getting desperate.... 

-This post is brought to you by 
the plastic spoon I had to eat my cereal with this morning 
because we were out of real spoons.-


  1. LMAO! Okay okay, I know it's rude to laugh at your pain... but seriously, I can RELATE! Holy crap! What is it with people??? It's not that fucking difficult! Do you ever to do the thing where you try to convince everyone to just rinse your dish and put it in the dishwasher right away thing? Yea, that lasts for all of 5 minutes. We don't even have a dishwasher here, so I'm stuck with washing dishes by hand for 7 people. Yep, 7. And when they DO try to do the dishes for me.... they leave food on the floor and pots and pans because "they need to soak." Good grief! I feel like printing your post out and taping it in every freaking cupboard in the kitchen!

  2. So funny Jess. Gram calls herself the designated dishwasher because she really can't do anything else. But then she bitches that she's the only one doing them. Gary will do them but he will only do half of them...and no pots and pans for him. He'll soak them but they will sit there for days if Gram doesn't get to them. I wash them as I'm making dinner or cleaning up dinner.
    Maybe you need to have a serious sit down and discuss the chores and who's in charge of what. Even if you say this week it's your turn, next week, it's Rob's. And the third week it's Patty's. After all, it's ony fair.