Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why do I blog?

Originally I started blogging because I was making YouTube videos sharing myself with the world.  Trying to get time to myself to do the videos was tough as I live with two roommates.  I picked up blogging to help me continue sharing 'Me' with the world.  I tried to keep updates flowing each month, but I kind of ran out of things to share.  Seems so simple looking back at it.

When I started videos I did it for the Pagan/Wiccan community.  I am a practicing witch and I wanted to share with like-minded people and show how I am growing with my spirituality.  I've become greedy about this recently and don't want to openly share much of that anymore.

It's MINE and you cannot read it!

No, in all honesty, I'm keeping that close to the vest as of right now because my path that I follow isn't set in stone.  It is constantly changing with me as I learn new things and experience new life-changing moments. 

Then I heavily leaned on it when I started Two Of Us (a dating service) where I would blog about my dates.  You were introduced to Toby, Vince, and Joel (in order of how they appeared in my life).  But since I have changed my profile on the site to "On Hold" since Vince and I are giving it a shot, there really isn't anything else in that department.

This is Vince.  Vince is my Boyfriend.  Vince makes me happy.
I am a writer and I want to write.  So I have been itching to try to figure out what else to blog about.  I am only 22 years old, so I don't have much life experience behind me to share, nor do I have embarrassing stories that I remember.  Well, that last one is kind of a lie, but I have swiss cheese for memory and those will take some time to gather for proper retelling.

So what else is there for me to blog about?!  There has to be something.  I need to write.  So I did a post about my horse Vixen.  That didn't help.  After I did that post I held a grudge against her for a couple of days for no reason at all.  Not that I needed a reason since she would trample me for no reason at all!

I started reading a blog called Mental Poo by the Midget Man of Steel.  Genius.

I read a blog called Hyperbole and a Half by Allie.  Brilliant.

I skipped around reading all these funny posts and started wondering if I could be funny.  (Probably not since Rob tells me I always tell boring stories.)  So I took a page out of Rodney's blog and slacked off by playing in PAINT.  Yay!  Then I followed Allie's lead and wrote a letter to my cats.  The letter to my cats will be my next post.  But I will share with you now an awesome drawing I did in PAINT:

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