Sunday, July 17, 2011

My date with Toby 7/16/11

Toby, a 5'11"/6' brown haired, blue eyed hunk, picked me up yesterday for our first date.  He was right on time.  I went outside and my first impression was 'wow' because he had personality rolling off him in waves.  We got inside his car and we headed to Primanti Brothers.  We choose this because Pattie said it was a place I would feel comfortable in, and he would have the sports on the TV for him.  He was okay with it and off we went.  And I failed to remember the directions.  I know, I am hopeless.  But we talked the whole way passed it, turned around, and found our way there.  Once inside, having eaten there countless times, I knew what I wanted.  So I watched him make some funny faces while trying to figure out what he wanted (I do this myself when I am unsure of what to get).  We put our orders in, I got a raspberry iced tea and he got a bud light.  We had each other laughing a lot, which is really important to me.  Our food came, and we still managed to talk in between bites.  On our way out, he had the bright idea of trying to figure out how to get me home himself and told me not to tell him how.  For once I actually knew where we were, so I just agreed.  Luckily he figured out he made the wrong turn before he got too far down the road.  I laughed the whole time he turned around, as he said a hint next time would be nice.  In my opinion, we made it home too fast only because I didn't want the night to end.  I had a blast and am really looking forward to our second date (which hasn't be set up yet).  I cannot understand how the guy is still single!!  The only downfall is he does smoke.  He was very considerate to ask me if it was okay for him to smoke in the car with me in it, and he made sure he kept his cigarette practically outside the window the whole time so it didn't bother me in the least.  But even so, he is charming and pleasant and funny and considerate and easy-going!  I could really see myself falling for this guy. 


  1. Man I couldn't even imagine dating ugh lol...

  2. LOL, trust me, I know. I couldn't see myself dating either. But I am not regretting this at all.

  3. I am married, but we never really dated per-say we just knew eachother and started "dating" but it didn't feel that way. I dunno. It sounds fun though!