Friday, February 17, 2012

MIA: Happy Belated Valentine's Day

OMG OMG OMG I was going to buy The Hunger Games at WalMart yesterday, but I somehow talked myself into believing food was more important.  Crazy, I know!  


So, like, yeah, sorry about the disappearance.  I was doing great until suddenly, it's Valentine's Day, and I completely flaked.  I have to type up a couple reviews and get everything back in order.  I was so excited for the 14th, I spaced and forgot to keep up with my blog.  Of course, then the day actually comes and my boyfriend and I slept right through dinner.  I was so upset, but he didn't forget the chocolates (thank God!).  

This weekend is going to be Hell too.  My roomies/best friends/fellow coworkers are going down to a dog show and I am stuck taking care of about 20 dogs at the kennel.  That's the bad news.  The good news is Vince will probably be here all weekend as well, and when the cats are away, the mice will play.

It fits better if I say "when the dogs are away, the cats will play" since I don't feel very mouse-y.  I feel frisky, like a kitty, and that's why if you ask me what I am doing this weekend I am just going to smile and let you figure it out on your own. 

(SEX people- I want to have SEX!)


Anyway, I promise to work on the reviews of Beautiful Creatures, Nightshade, How It's Done and probably Shiver because I should be done with it by then.  Then on top of that I might convince Vince to take me to Half Price Book store on Monday.  Can't promise I will or won't get anything, but who knows.  (I do- I always get something at HPBooks!)

Better get started on those reviews.

Later, peeps!

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